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    Here is a question i think should be put to vote.

    How safe (as in software wise AND hardware wise) is the latest uber-kernel ?

    I'm OCing soon, so thought I'd ask before going ahead. What can i say...Better safe than sorry....


    P.S: Forgive the spelling mistake in the poll question

    P.P.SL I've read the wiki page and the PC threads on Uberkernel....just want to know what the community thinks.
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    Uberkernel is getting a lot of testing, and webosinternals is providing the tools needed to manage an overclocked system (temp monitor, scaling). So yeah, for those who understand the risks, it's fairly safe. For people who don't know what overclocking is, it is somewhat less so. But frankly, I haven't seen any reports of people having issues (other than some of the early bugs which seem to be worked out now).
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    btw, The wiki page says its In-development...?...
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    It is reasonably safe. Only once when running screenstate 500/800 did the phone get too hot to touch and shut down. Running at 500/720, I've had no problems.
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    Don't download the alpha testing feeds versions and you're good.

    If you want what the community thinks, then read these entire threads from page 1:

    Have fun and see you in a week.

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