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    USB door crackers... anyone dare to try?

    Palm Pre OEM faceplate w/ LCD screen & digitizer - Cellular Nationwide Network - Cellular

    Though probably it's a better deal to get another donor Pre...
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    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

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    You could get a used pre on ebay for not much more and keep the whole thing without voiding your warranty and taking the risk of not getting it right
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    Nice find. For many users that are stuck in their contract, this may be a win for them. Even the insurance on a Pre will still cost you 50-100 bucks to get a "referb". An advantage to spending the 83.00 for the replacement LCD screen is that you still have your old Pre with all the patches and software still in the phone. Unless my phone was hammered I might even consider this option if I need a new screen now that I can upgrade after 1 year with sprint. That way I would not have to sign a new contract.
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