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    My old school (7 years old) Motorlloa had a wicked feature I used ALL the time:

    Audio recording.

    I would just press this button on the side of it (hold it) and then start talking "Mental note: buy beer"

    I loved this.

    Can the pre do this yet? Why or why not? Is there an app?
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    API issue.

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    Search for zcorder
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    zcorder should do the trick for you. This new technology has not been implemented into the OS yet..
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    weird,,with my centro I could record my own ring tones,,but not with the pre,,hmmm.
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    been using Zcorder for a several weeks, works well, I put the icon on the quick menu so by pressing 2 buttons you are recording, also it records media like from Radio Time or Pandora
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    Like previously said, zcorder does this and the sound quality is just as amazing as the sound from when you shoot a video. The files are accessible from the Music App (which I hope they can do something about in the future). It would be cool if they added a playback function from within the app itself, and a delete function. Or even a swipe to delete patch for the Music app.

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