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    I've been having a problem with the Update app for a couple of weeks now. I've tried searching the forums but haven't found anything applicable. I'm hoping someone else has seen this and figured out a solution that doesn't require WebOS Doctoring the phone.

    Anyway, what happens is that I click on the Update app and, after it comes up, it just displays "Checking for updates..." continuously. It never actually comes off of that screen even if I leave it running for hours. I've never experienced this before. I don't have a lot of apps on the phone nor do I have any patches aside from the 800Mhz patch.

    Any thoughts?
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    try a battery pull. do you have a good signal?
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    I've restarted the phone by pulling the battery several times. I also have the same issue with 3G or WiFi. The signal strength in both cases is very good.

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