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  • Love webOS, hate the hardware

    4 13.79%
  • Love webOS, happy with current hardware ( sprint)

    9 31.03%
  • Love webOS, happy with current hardware ( Verizon, AT&T )

    4 13.79%
  • Love webOS, had no choice but to take the hardware it's on.

    12 41.38%
  • Got Pre, pre plus for ease of use did not look at hardware ( cpu, ram)

    0 0%
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    My pre plus on verizon is my second smart phone. Before my pre plus I have made purchase based mostly on hardware, and most of the time I was sick of it's software after 2 months. This is not the case with the pre plus. Although the software still needs lots of improvement, the patches made me love the webos. Now 3 months from purchase still love my webOS. When it comes to hardware, my only improvement at the TIME OF PURCHASE was the screen size, no virtual keyboard (which is not an issue when it comes to portrait mode) and the battery. Got pre based on my curent needs. My previous smartphone was samsung omnia. Windows mobile was dumb choice for a smartphone. Apps sucked, not only limited in apps, expensive basic music apps ( $15 for internet music stream app $20 for 2 d game...) and reseting it do to it being windows was minimum of 3 times a day (thats stock software without using any 3rd party apps). After 3 months I was sick of it, just like all other dumb phones from Verizon.

    My only request for new webOS hardware would be to expand user base on webOS, so we get more PRODACTIVE apps. Need skype app.!
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    I came from BB. I loved and still love my Tour but wanted to try out this whole webOS gig. So far I am impressed. Sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles on it out of the box but some people don't want all those! It's nice to be able to customize it for sure. I think the perfect phone would be a combination of a BB and a Palm. Just an opinion. I have had WinMo phones in the past. Eh, never fond of them. I haven't had an Android device or an Iphone yet but would love to try them in the future.
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    My Pre+ was my first smartphone from my LG Dare. I love how simple yet powerful WebOS is but hardware wise I'm extremely disappointed. Hopefullt the next phone has better hardware becaise WebOS deserves to be one of the top dogs.
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    I waited long enough to get reliable hardware, so I have no complaints. But I understand the frustration of the Sprint-sters who suffered through the worst part of a new launch. Other than perhaps a little bit bigger keyboard, I'm OK with the device as is until something new comes along. (Still easier to type on then my Droid with it's flat keyboard)

    But I hope they understand that to achieve bigger market share, they will need to come out with some techno "eye candy" to get into the thick of the race.

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