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    I dropped my phone for like the millionth time and the battery casing was cracked so I superglued it, almost as good as new, but when I drop it, it opens up and the battery pops out. I actually think it absorbs more impact this way. Anyway, the sides are cracked off, but it works like new. One thing that came out is the plastic thing that goes over the FLASH light thing itself. You guys know what i'm talking about? I'll try to find a pic link and post it. I don't even know what to call it to look it up and try to buy one. I can easily steal one but if I'm going to steal its going to be from Bill Gates with his permission. Sort of like a nerd's challenge! Right, well I'm tired as hell but if anyone can help, I even more grateful than I am right now. Thanks!
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    Just buy a new back.
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    Dude you're one drop from 10,000! Maybe the next one will get you some sort of reward!
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    Do you mean the silver ring around the camer flash hole? Yeah mines fell off. So did the silver got the letter P and L on the back of my touchstone back. Buy a new back so the battery won't pop up! And stop dropping it.
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    I think you're talking about the plastic collimator that focuses the led's light for the flash, right? I would try to keep it in and not lose it. The led's beam output may be too diffused w/o it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpreuser1985 View Post
    ...thing that goes over the FLASH
    Dude, your Pre has FLASH already? AND you keep dropping it? Wow, you must work in a butter factory.
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    Check your local sprint service store. The one near me had a rummage box with phone cases. I saw about 10 Pre battery covers. Assumed they were from folks who added a Touchstone.


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