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    I have a strange problem, which I originally (erroneously) attributed to either of preware or weatherman.

    My phone will no longer initiate a data connection on the 2G/Edge network on Vodafone in Australia. I can force a connection by toggling to Auto or 3G then once I get the 3G symbol, toggle back to 2G, but it doesn't last past the next sleep?

    In my troubleshooting I have hard reset the phone and run WebOS Doc to install a completely new operating system.

    Have replaced my sim card.

    Tried a card from another network, optus here in australia, and that works on 2G.

    Before anyone asks, yes my pre frequencies are correct for Vodafone Australia, it has been working fine until recently.

    edit: Vodafone have locally been upgrading their 2G transmitters to Edge, I can't help thinking this has something to do with it?

    Any suggestions?
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    Seems like it might be a network problem, currently 5000 odd complaints
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