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    Funny how it was never an issue until Jobs and Co. screwed up the iPhone 4G antenna design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    I've seen no evidence to suggest that the Pre really cares which
    way you hold it. The IPhone4's problem is that the antennas are
    in direct contact with your skin and when you touch both antennas
    at once in a particular area, it degrades reception. People keep talking about
    using a full cover, but I wonder why they haven't tried something simple
    like a strip of scotch tape or a screen cover over the critical area.


    Would you drop a few hundred dollars on a phone and then have to put scotch tape on it to make it work right? Or be forced to buy a $30 cover....
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    that's funny, I don't care who you are!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    fyi, you can harm the reception level, on the pre, although not in a practical way to drop a call.

    here is how I was able to do it.

    hold the pre in the left-handed death grip so that your palm touches the bottom left through lower left side. Then wrap your right hand arounf the front of the phone, covering more than hanf of the screen. Make sure your right hand makes contact with your left hand on both sides of phone, and there is good contact contact on right edge. Essentially you are surrounding the phone.

    in m case, I went from 5 bars to 2, and 3G was lost so I only had 1X EV.

    it shows that swallowing the phone - to surround it with flesh - harms the signal. But no one would hold it as described (or awallow it) while using the phone.

    try it and see!
    lol, got my phone to go into roam with this, nice
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    I also wouldn't advise holding it between your bottom 2 cheeks. LOL
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    dont hold it in your mouth it looks weird....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    I think people are getting a bit obsessive with this holding <insert phone model here> wrong. People are seeing problems where none exist just because Steve Jobs said **ALL** phones lose signal when held in certain ways. He was trying to do damage control due to a gross design flaw in **HIS** phone. Perhaps there is some attenuation, but here in San Antonio I can usually get a signal on my Sprint personal phone when my AT&T work phone has zero bars and can't connect to the tower.

    I am with you.... iPhone 4 has HUGE reception issues, and now every phone has the same reception issues. Makes me laugh a lil, but it kills me like this is some new phenomenon that now effects every phone on the market.
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    The iPhone's reception issues are not simply attenuation due to the hand covering the antenna. That can and does happen to all phones.

    The iPhone's issue is cause by the fact that it has two external, uninsulated antennas (one for the cellular radio, and another for the wifi/bluetooth/gps). When held in the way that a huge portion of the populace holds the phone, their hands bridge the gap between the two antennas and short circuit them.

    This is a design flaw, pure and simple. Apple talked about the antennas on the iPhone4 as if they were a brilliant innovation. The truth is that this is precisely the reason nobody builds a cellphone with external uninsulated antennas.
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    Don't hold it with the screen facing out either... really hard to hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Don't hold it with the screen facing out either... really hard to hear.
    Just an update:

    I had confirmed earlier that upside down surely gives me the issue.
    As well as facing the screen out.

    Just for the heck of it, I tried wrapping duct tape around the outside.
    It didn't help the issue at all!
    Just call me Berd.
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    The only "wrong way" to hold the Pre that I know of is to actually be mistakingly holding an iPhone 4G thinking it's a Pre, and therefore getting very bad reception.

    And probably a few dropped calls too.
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    Cradled my GSM Pre with both of my hands as if I was holding it for my dear life... a whopping 1 bar drop occurred. Same goes with my old Nokia smartphone. Why? Because the friggin antenna is not located on the outside where my sweaty hands can interfere with it!
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    Marketing pitch for new HP/Palm device

    "The new _____, hold it any way you want"
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    when listening to music with bluetooth headphones on the pre, I find that the best reception is face down in my pocket, otherwise it skips...
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    Two handed sandwich on my Pre drops from 5 bars to 3. 3G stays solid.
    Never dropped a call, no complaints at all regarding reception here.. .
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    new iphone4 accessory: rubber coating, for your FACE
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    Thanks for the laughs. Almost as good as the whining template.
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    I wondered if any of you have experienced this on the Pre? What's the "wrong way" to hold the Pre?
    Every way is the"wrong way" to hold the Pre ... inside a Faraday cage.
    Outside of a Faraday cage however the situation is entirely reversed.
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    from what a sprint representative told me, when you take off the back cover of your Pre'... the gold lines you see are the antennas... that's right... multiple antennas. the way he explained it to me, there are 2 or 3 "cell phone" antennas, a single gps antenna, and another individual wifi antenna. the reason for multiple "cell phone" antennas is that it doesnt matter what way you hold your phone, you're gonna get reception. in the past, the antennas would run vertical up the phone... this means that if the cell phone tower your phone is using does not have a vertical antenna on it, then you wouldnt get the maximum ammount of "signal" ... NO the antenna is not really "vertical" ... that's just the easiest way i can go about describing the polarity of the antenna... see... now you're confused.
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