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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if it's possible to view exactly how much data WebOS devices send/receive over 3G, either lifetime or (ideally) month by month. I can't seem to find anything like that in the settings of my Sprint Pre. Maybe there's an app, or a page on Palm's or Sprint's site? Thanks!
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    Your Phone bill should have total kb usage. Or maybe online account access.
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    I think there's a number you can call to hear your usage.
    But I'm not sure what it is.
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    Lifetime no but monthly yes if you want to add all those up yourself.

    For Sprint you can either:
    1. Dial *4 to listen to current usage and even have a text sent to you.
    2. Go online to view current and past usage. (best way)
    3. From your Pre tap the stock Sprint bookmark, log in, and it will show it there too.
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    On the Sprint website it will tell you how much data usage ur phone has. It will tell you the phone call, the texts, the mms, and ur data usage by phone.

    As you login to ur account it will list your devices. You click where it says
    see all usage for your phone

    it will open a detail usage of your phone. at the bottom u see data usage you will need to click where it says see more and it will show u how much data you have used for the current month.

    you can see previous months by clicking on see my bill. after it opens you scroll down where it says usage summary click here and then it will show detail for the month and u can select other months as well.
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    There is an homebrew app called Netstat which measures your data traffic by interface (wifi, 3g and even bluetooth).
    It was very useful for me last time I travelled abroad and had to limit my data usage very precisely.
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    If you sign up for My Verizon you can track it every day.
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    Verizon - #DATA.

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