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    Palm Pre problem: people I'm talking to can't hear me but I can hear them.

    1. The phone's not on mute.

    2. The mic on the phone is not obstructed or dirty.

    3. It's not working when I try using a corded hands-free headset, though I can hear myself in the earbud when I do this.

    4. The phone is online and seems to be working in every other manner.

    This seems to have just started this morning as the thing was working fine last night. I need to make some really important calls. This is frustrating.
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    reboot phone?
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    Try going here and see if anything helps:
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    Stuck headset mode. See above links.
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    Problem is, I can hear through the headset. The person I'm calling just can't hear me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by item View Post
    Problem is, I can hear through the headset. The person I'm calling just can't hear me.
    So ppl can't hear you through the mic from the phone or the mic from the headphones?

    If one mic works while the other one doesn't then it is most likely a dead mic. If people can't hear you through either of the mics, it is very unlikely that you have 2 dead mics and therefore probably being caused by something else.
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    Don't worry about all the "stuck in headset mode" links; it's sort of a knee-jerk response.

    Interesting. If you've already rebooted your phone and that didn't fix it, I'm tempted to assume that you have a dead microphone. But you said that you can hear yourself (presumably your voice through the phone and just through the air), so the microphone is working, but not in a way that translates to the radio connection. If you speak loudly can you be heard at all? Or does the phone mimic mute?

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    try using the interactive test for audio... might give you more clues...
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    Do you have patches enabled and are you making calls with the slider closed? I found that the slide to end call patch made my mic not work unless the slider was up.
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    I have this same problem. Tried the headphone things. Tried the battery removal thing. Did the audio tests. I don't know what sounds I'm looking for. I don't think I can hear any of them. There's a little sort of click noise, but not a beep or a tone.

    Like the original problem in this thread, callers can't hear me, but I can hear them. I do not have Bluetooth enabled. I am running 1.4.5 on Verizon. Palm Pre Plus.

    How can I tell if this is a hardware or software problem?
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    Sounds like you got the phone I just dropped off at the Sprint store. The technician said it had a bad mic and ordered me a replacement. They didn't even cae that there was preware loaded.
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    Guess I'll have to make a trip to the Verizon store.
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    did you try a different headset?

    also, if you are using a case, make sure the headset plug is all the way in...

    I recommend you call vzw customer support. The store techs are generally idiots, and are always trying to sell you a droid (they are commissioned for sales even at the service desk).
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    When I use the headphones or headset that came with the phone, it works fine. I can hear callers, they can hear me. Maybe I can call customer support through my work phone.
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    Called customer support and they'll replace the device for free since I'm under warranty. Wish there was a way I could wait for the Palm Pre 2. But I'm not due for an upgrade until November next year.
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    Ok, sorry to clog up this thread, but instead of starting a new one, I thought I'd just ask here.

    I'm about to get Preware and then Pre Backup Utility so I can get ready to make the switch. Is there anything else I should do to make sure I get all my info off this phone and onto the new one? I've already been using the Backup that already comes loaded on the phone.
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    You'll also want to get Save&Restore from Preware, so you have your app data backed up.
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    I am about to install Save/Restore, but the info about it makes it sound risky. Am I in any danger of messing something up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl.Pilkington View Post
    I am about to install Save/Restore, but the info about it makes it sound risky. Am I in any danger of messing something up?
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