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    Those of you from the Palm OS days remember that you could just plug in to a pc press a button and everything would get backed up. EVERYTHING. Is there anything available to do this on WebOS?
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    There is certainly no official application or tool to allow this. I have heard talk of some third party apps that might be able to do this, but I don't know enough to tell you about them myself sorry!
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    HOTSYNC is gone with the old Palm OS days. There are backup solutions available from third party apps

    USB Sync
    Missing Link
    Pocket Mirror

    to name a few...each are unique on what they backup and how the do it.

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    As far as I've seen - and I've looked - there is no one program that backs up everything. You have to use a patchwork of different programs. Oh, and there's always The Cloud, of course! I loved HotSync.

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