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    Occasionally, usually in the Mail application, sometimes in Google Maps, I will try to scroll and the screen won't respond to the scroll, it just enlarges as though it is trying to perform a multi-touch zoom even though I'm only touching with one finger. If I do a luna restart, the problem goes away for a while.

    Anyone else have any experience in identifying and remedying this problem?
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    Sometimes I get this yeah - I usually only have to turn the screen off and turn it back on again and things return to normal though...

    It is pretty rare for me though, maybe happens once every fortnight.
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    Happens to me too. Like when I touch the screen halfway up and the launch bar pops up there and stays, even when I'm not touching. I usually rub it on my jeans like it's dirty and that usually clears it, although I sometimes do need to reboot.
    Question, are you overclocked right now? I've only experienced the scrolling problem since installing Uber, but haven't had it since going with Thunder. It might just be a coincidence, as I can't duplicate the problem reliably.
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    I turned overclocking off and I still get the problem, almost daily. It's not a problem with dirty screen. No amount of wiping makes it better. I really don't think it can be hardware since a restart fixes the problem, which makes me think it's a software crash or memory leak or something, which makes me expect that it would be happening to many others since I have a pretty typical configuration, if you count a basic overclock (Uberkernel) and Preware installation.

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