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    I am making my usual rounds on the different tech blogs, and i found this wiki about android app maker.

    App Inventor for Android

    Now, since i am a die hard pre owner, but sadly.. i am not a huge fan of how little apps that we have, I was wondering that since this basic program is in a java based system could it be used to build apps that i could then port to the pre through homebrew,

    I am a novice at this and dont want to be crucified for asking this, but it appeals to me, because my "code" language isnt very good.. any help would be appreciated!
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    there is an article about this on the front page of Precentral, they said that the ares tool for palm is easier to use than the app inventor for android. you would be better off using what we already have as opposed to trying to port.

    my non expert opinion of course
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    Having used both as of today, Ares is MUCH easier to use.
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    Your problems are solved.
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    Why would you want a port of a copy cat google did off the original Palm Ares?
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    more of what i was going for.. was that i like the idea of not having to learn the whole language.. its a huge pain to look it up.. (i understand that it comes with time) but i was moreso wondering if i could skip that learning step so that i can make what i want..

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