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    I have a Jabra x10 headset and when i use it I really cannot hear.
    I raise the volume on the headset and the phone but it is still really low.
    Is there a patch or something to do becasue the headset is useless to me as it is becasue it is just too low...
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    I've found that there's a big difference in the volume and sound quality of bluetooth headsets. Have you used the x10 successfully with a different phone before?

    In general, I think the Pre has pretty decent volume and quality. When my wife switched from her old Samsung feature phone to the Pre, the sound of her Prius speaker phone system improved noticeably.
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    I'm also looking for a way to increase the bluetooth volume. I have a car with Ford's Sync system and the volume of the phone is far too low. Ford's site says the phone's bluetooth volume needs to be increased to fix the issue, but I cannot find a way to do that with the Pre.

    Other phones (including iPhones) have the ability to increase the volume of the call outputted by bluetooth, so it's not an unusual feature.
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    I use the plantronics backbeat stereo bt headset and i can increase/lower the volume using the palm pre's volume buttons and it basically sets that as the max that the volume keys in the headseat will go.

    What i do is set the phone's volume at max (during a call or while listening to music, etc) and then adjust it to a good level with the bt's volume controls. If it's too loud at the lowest headset setting then i lower it a little on the phone.
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    Ditto setting the phone at max level and using your Jabra to max level. I have no problem with it and I have a hearing loss in my ears.
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    Changing the phone volume (using the side hardware buttons) seem to have no effect on the volume of my car's system.

    I can increase the volume of my car stereo, but that means I'll get blasted with system messages, etc that come from a source other than the phone.

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