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    So here's my problem, hope you can help. Got a new pre plus, did a full erase on my pre, put the SIM into the plus and logged into the Palm Profile on it (it did say at this point that I was already logged in to the profile on another device, but I logged in anyway - probably stupidly, I realise). The plus synced my paid apps ok and gets my exchange email / contacts ok. I can make calls and texts fine but can't receive either, phone calls to me just go to voicemail. In device info the Name and Number tabs are both blank. Can anyone help please?
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    Sounds like a network issue to me. Call the service provider. Unless if you installed one of those patches that directs calls to VM. But then again, you'll actually have to set it for that contact though.
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    Thanks for the reply Jason. I hadn't installed anything, just a bog standard pre plus at this point. For some reason it's just started to work ok this morning. Still no number in the device info section but incoming calls and texts are now fine, so I'm happy.
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    Ahhh...Good to see that you got it working. Give it a could of hours and if it bothers you that much, just use Pre backup Utility to back up all your stuff and doctor your phone.

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