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    Their is a number that I am trying to text and it won't work. I don't even receive their texts. When I send one to the number it goes away like I never even sent it. I read that a partial erase fixes this. Question is what does this erase? All of my contacts are either on my sim or facebook. Will it get rid of them? Also will my text message conversations stay? And what about my patches? I have like 50. thanks
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    I believe if you use both the Pre Backup Utility and Save/Restore, you should be able to retain everything. They are available in Preware. Also in Preware find the Saved Package list and update it before you do the erase.
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    yes ull lose ur text messages. ur contacts will stay, and patches if backed up. ull lose very basic information, text messages n call history using a partial erase.also u may have to reinstall preware if u didnt back up ur patches.

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