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    I have a feeling the only think I'll miss is the Blackberry LED. I used BerryBuzz to inidicate what type of message I'd received (yellow - weather, blue MMS, green SMS etc)...very handy way to determine what kind of message I missed when I'm across the room from my phone and all comfy on the couch.
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    You can always go for a Seidio 2600mAh battery with the back plate(or get the customized Touchstone one) if you want longer battery life. I have it budgeted, and just need to pay off a couple of bills before I send in my order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    yup, webos is a nice mix of business, consumer,
    LOL, when I read that it popped into my head, "The Pre is like a mullet - business in the front, party in the back!"
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    You'll soon like your phone even more, because this fall will bring us a major webOS update, probably 1.5, that will finally enable the phone to use the dedicated GPU for UI animations, resulting in better speed and smoothness, and better battery life (as your cpu will be idle more while the gpu is more energy-efficient).

    Just don't be mad at yourself in September or October if Palm release a new phone by then... "geeky exciting technology" has been teased. Just so you know
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    I did almost the same thing OP. Started BB, went to Android, then back to BB, and now just ordered a Pre. Can't wait to see how I like it!
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    Welcome, welcome. In the past year I have had a buttload of phones:

    iPhone 2G > iPhone 3GS > Sprint Pre (returned) > Sprint Hero (returned) > iPhone 4 (returned) > Verizon Pixi+ (returned) > Verizon Pre+

    What I've learned:

    iPhone has been the most "practical" for me.
    WebOS has been the most enjoyable to use.
    Android is.....well, I can't stand Android.

    Since I had such a hard time deciding between the iPhone and the Pre, I opted to make carrier my biggest factor. On a recent trip I got NO 3G service from AT&T. That, plus free hotspot for my iPad pretty much sealed it, though I still have a few weeks of wishy-washy-ness as my 30-day window with Verizon closes.

    Love hate since launch day.
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