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    Anytime I download something from my phone I get "file not supported" or file cannot be opened or viewed. I am getting ready to see if my palm pre supports water. Can someone tell me what I can do to get file support so I can download and view or even run the apps that I am trying to get.
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    What type of files? Some aren't supported.
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    Hi there clantonboi36 ,

    First of all welcome to Precentral. This is a great and helpful community with many many smart people who are more than willing to help.

    But you do have to do your part to get that help. As smart as some are here, we are not mind readers or pyschics. If you say something says file not supported, and dont give just a little more details, its really almost impossible for anyone to know what type of file you re trying to get, or use, and how you attempted to get or use it.

    As well as you say downloading apps? Well you have to downloads apps that are created for the Palm Pre. Just like any device, the things you can download have to be device specific.

    Just as a starting guide, the image types Pre supports are:

    The documents , using either doc view or pdf view would be:

    The music app can play:

    The video app can play:

    There are other formats as well, others may be able to think of off the top of the head, but those are a few to at least get you started and give you an idea.

    So again welcome, and please give some more details as to what you are trying to use and how you are trying to use it.

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