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    Will be be in the UK on business this Monday, and my Pre Plus just came in today, so it makes sense to activate it in the UK as activating here in The Netherlands will get me a place in the World Cup final, but not access to paid apps

    Haven't seen many threads though about UK users on a PAYG o2 sim.
    Does it work? What are the correct APN settings, and what's the cheapest option for buying an o2 PAYG sim?

    thanks in advance
    I think I read that you can put a PAYG in the Pre, I will certainly try on my pre later on when I get home.
    You will be able to get an 02 sim from most phone shops (5-10), you might have to top it up though. How close a shop is to you depends on where you are in the UK.
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    depending on how long ur in the uk u can get a free sim,saying that thers alot of ppl who have recived free sims and dnt mind handing them out,as 4 the data plan im sure its now unlimited internet 4 15 per month but dnt quote me on that

    realising ur going 2 liverpool mayb try n have a stanley blade when tryin 2 negotiate with the locals lool
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    You can get SIMs for 99p at 99p Stores (it's a chain of stores, which seem to be relatively common in the UK); they have posters up advertising them at the one near where I live.
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    I will be getting my Palm Pre from Expansys HK and was told that I will be getting the UK unlocked set.

    From the above discussion, looks like it is possible to activate the Pre & have the list of paid & free apps showing in the App Catalogue by using a prepaid Sim. Anyone done it?

    Is this the correct website to get a new prepaid sim?
    O2 | Free Sim | Choose Your Free Pay and Go Sim Online

    Also for activation, does it have to be done in UK (physically) or can I activate it overseas (Singapore)?

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