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    Hi, I've searched online can can't find anything, so I wanted to ask:

    Can you get a bluetooth speakerphone to play music/audio files? For example, it would be great if my Motorola T215 can play the podcasts from DrPodder. I don't think T215 supports speaker mode, but then I seem to remember there being a patch in the old Palm OS world that could work around that. I could not find a patch in Preware, but I might be looking in the wrong place.

    Can anyone help? thanks!
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    The patch would need to make to phone play music/audio using Bluetooth HFP (mono hands-free) instead of A2DP (stereo). This was asked in another post I came across last month (about a patched Treo with Palm OS) and the answer was no such patch currently exists for the Pre. You may want to search to see if that has changed.
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    Manufacturers have released firmware updates for a few headsets to add A2DP support. You might search around the manufacturer's site to see if there is an update.

    From what I've found it seems like upgrading the speaker to A2DP is the only way. Because of that, your best bet for fixes would probably be in Motorola support and forums.

    It is frustrating. I can identify. I have the Plantronics Backbeat BT headseat. It is really awesome for Dr Podder. I can wear them comfortably for several hours. Battery lasts a long time also. You can buy them with or without a dongle that will plug into a standard headphone jack on things like radios, mp3 players, or tvs. Synch the dongle with the headphones and you have BT music support from non-BT players.

    I haven't pursued speakers thou. Good luck.
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    One other piece of info.... If you can wait, I believe the fall (as announced before the merger was complete) release of 1.5 is supposed to not only include new API's but bluetooth upgrades (more stacks) too. This is from memory and I could have my upgrades mixed up, but just something else to look into if you can't get anything from Motorola at the moment.
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    thanks guys, great, helpful responses. I'll look around motorola site to see if I can find something.
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    I have a bluetooth device that allows me to send my output to any Iphone docked speakers. Found some wireless speakers from Gigaware. Works great. Got the bluetooth device from Sprint.
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    Yeah I have one of those too. I just like how the new one from Motorola clips to the sun visor and looks like a garage door opener so my car doesn't get broken into. Too many cables and it gets too annoying to use regularly.

    The speakerphone is great for calls. It would just be nice if I could use the stronger speakers for music/podcasts.

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