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    My emails will no longer open when I click on a notification, the notification just goes away and I'm left at the launcher screen.
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    Have you reset your phone? Are you sure you're tapping and not swiping the notification away?
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    I think Bag of Leaves is probably on the right track regarding the swiping and tapping. As a new Pre user, I have accidentally done this several times and I am sure many have. There can be a fine line between a swipe and a tap, when you are first learning the gestures and getting used to a new touchscreen.

    Also take note of whether or not you have turned on Advance Gestures, as they can make it very easy to do it wrong, when you aren't used to them, yet.
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    Yeah, that's why I mentioned it, as I've accidentally swiped when I thought I was tapping before. The swiping can be a little over-sensitive it seems.
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    That or a patch bug, although I'd definitely go with the "swipe, not tap" idea.

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