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    I'm new here, but I'm at my wit's end with the phone. For a couple months it worked great, and I loved it.

    In the past couple weeks, I've had a couple of issues arise:

    (1) The backlight turns on randomly, and sometimes it won't turn off. I'll hit the button on top to turn off the light and lock the phone, but it will just lock it. Or, after hitting the button a bunch of times, it will eventually turn off...but will turn on as I go to put in my pocket, put it down, or just randomly as it sits on my desk.

    (2) For about a week, the phone would not play a call through the actual headset, as it apparently thought there were headphones in there. I put in headphones and took them out a couple days ago, and the headset seems to work again. But also, I have to be VERY careful about holding the phone on a call, because pressing it against my ear in a certain way makes it cut out (when the headset is working).

    (3) Randomly, and more recently, the touch screen just doesn't work right. I'll go to press on an icon on the dock, and it does nothing...but only the middle icon. Then I'll go to press on a card, but it acts like I swiped or hit somewhere else on the screen.

    The phone hasn't been dropped in water, it's hit the ground maybe a couple of times but nothing severe and NOTHING that I would expect to do any damage, much less like this.

    I'm getting to my wits end, whats going on and what can I do?
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    Is that really true?

    I found information on the headphone jack, and by blowing into it, it resolved itself for the time being.

    But is everything else really run of the mill? Do I have any chance of Sprint getting me another phone even though I've had this for a couple months?

    It's a bit ridiculous to have to deal with all of these issues.
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    Is it true that phones break? yes. Does the pre break much more often than any other smartphone? no. Does Kinster do anything on the fourms besides go around and tell people that their phone is a piece of junk and they should give up? it's unclear. If you have insurance, use it
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    start over with a trip to the OSdoctor...

    don't listen to them.

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