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    The last two long videos i took ended up with stuttering issues and freezing.

    here is an example from today.

    Just wondering if its my device or if others see this issue.
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    i never had a problem with my vid camera turning random people into cows...
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    Yeah, I've had this happen for awhile now. Sometimes the audio will also be out of sync, or the vid will freeze on just one frame, but the audio always turns out good, so I just rip it and turn it into a cd (I record my dad's band while they play). Also, if I get a text, the video will stop recording all together, hope this is fixed in an upcoming update. : /
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    Are you overclocking? I was having that problem a lot when I was running my Pre overclocked using the screenstate governor (with Govnah). I finally figured out that I had to turn overclocking off and set the governor "ondemand" for the camera to behave normally for me. I set up a profile in Govnah called "camera" and just switch to it before I launch the app.
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    The biggest problem I have it if I take a video over 1 min when I try to pla it back the phone crashes. Te time of te video shows in the player as "NaN".

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