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    I've set up my Pre to connect to the internet through my desktop over bluetooth (I connect from the desktop to the NAP service on the Pre, and then fix the route and dns using a DHCP server running on my desktop).

    Now after this setup I can freely access the internet from the terminal (pings, and wget) and even some apps (Clock Sync) work, but most (Web, for example) pop the "No Internet Connection" message.

    Does anyone know how I can tell the pre that I have a connection, or which API these apps use to check for net (and what it is lookin for)?
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    I need an answer to this question also. I need to use my laptop to connect my Pre to the internet. Only bluetooth pan is working (wireless sharing doesn't). However, I can't get the Pre's browser to recognized the network connection.
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    I'm probably wrong, but you could try looking at iphone resource forums for an answer or at least a hint. They both use WebKit... so idk.

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    Hey I got palm internet provider has just sms me about the proxy I found that on my mobile, I cannot access to can I set up the proxy again on my palm pre...I don't seem to see any buttons on it like settig, etc....please help!!!

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