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    Is there anyone who has or has the capability to develop a way to group apps into folders on our Pres?

    I think this would be a great addition in the next update (or 1.5) as it would help ease navigation and access to activate apps. Even if you have the pains-taking time to sort all your apps conveniently, it still slows down access time.

    Folders would be the best remedy! (Finally an idea we can steal from the Iphone) LOL!!
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    Why get folders when you can have pages? I have mine set that way. Get the add/delete pages patch for launcher. I have 6 pages, one for web, business. Entertainment, misc, settings, junk. Been great so far
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    Folders, what are those? Oh, those are the new things that Apple just invented and put on the iPhoney. I don't think we can get those on webOS, Apple must have a patent. :P
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    No folders, but others find the Launcher Page Selection Tabs and Named Pages in Launcher patches useful. I don't use either patch, but you'll find screenshorts of people showing off their organization if you search for them.

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    I use the add/delete pages and Name Pages patches for launcher and it works well.
    Folders are a step backward.
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    I say nay to folders, it's more complexity and false organization than there really needs to be.

    If it's not on the first launcher page than you really should just be typing the name. It's by far the most efficient way.

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