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    I am new and just learning to install themes on my pre. Used getting started guide from precentral and installed an iphone theme using web os quick install. When I go to tools and themer it did not look anything like the getting started guide. I had to reboot my phone for the theme to actually show up. But now I'm trying to install a new theme and when I open up tools/themer it is still showing that I'm using the stock theme even though I'm clearly not. If anyone has an idea of whats wrong and how to fix it, imput would be much appreciated.

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    Try installing the iPhone theme that you have again and then remove it. Most people find installing and removing themes easier with Preware. Once you get this problem fixed, I'd recommend using Preware as well.
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    i was using preware but everytime i opened it i dropped my data connection for about 20 seconds and then when it came back i was down to two bars so i uninstalled it

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