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    We all know that we enter no service areas sometimes.
    What if there was an app that could be set by the end user to automatically turn off the radio when no signal (or low signal if the user so desires) is detected for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, etc. It would then turn on the radio every (wait for it) end-user selectable interval (say, minute), to look for a signal, if it doesn't find one it waits another minutes.

    Rinse cycle, repeat.

    Not everyone will love this cause then you can't be contacted but it may help quite a bit in also notifying us that we have a weak or low signal by a vibrate or automatic alarm, etc, again the alarm would ring after the same (or other user selectable) specified time of disconnectivity. Heck, you can only use this functionality of the app if you want.

    Settings could also allow for the automatic enabling of roaming to search for a signal after two minutes and roaming would be "permanent" for a desired amount of time until the app checks again (10 minutes maybe?). This would allow especially sprint users to keep from switching back and forth constantly. if the program is smart enough it could even enable wifi in a no-signal environment and look for a wap to at least keep data connectivity.

    this sounds like a good idea.

    okay, now I am prepared for a lickin'.
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    I can relate to what you are saying, I was visiting a friend last week that lived out in an area with poor reception for my carrier (Sprint) and after a couple of hours I checked my phone and it was down to 60% after 2 hours. I switched my Pre over to "roam only" but it would have been nice to have a program that would have switched the phone over to "roam only" automatically.
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    I turn my phone to airplane mode in those situations. Will quickly switch back to a network setting when neded/available.
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    Given that I live in the very middle of a large urban area this isn't an issue for me very often....on the rear time it is airplane mode is the answer.

    However if you live in a rural area, work in the bottom of a underground car park or spend your days in a bank vault this kind of thing could be very useful. I bet there would be takers. Good idea.
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