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    This is really wrong.....All my notes are nearly impossible to read.
    Come on Palm fix it!
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    I wonder if this could be fixed via a patch from the good guys at webos internals? It is one irritating bug, for sure.
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    Would be nice if that could be done!
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    Anyone with this problem too? Easy way to fix it? In my Gmail/Contacts the notes field is okay.
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    Posted problem, no solution yet.
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    I did not find in my first search.

    Here the post:
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    Because first I searched using only "<br/>" and received:
    "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. "
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    Yes, I have this same problem with my google contacts notes ever since updating to 1.4.5. I have noticed that if you go into EDIT mode then the <br/> disappears and the notes appear correctly. If anyone has a solution please advise. Thanks!
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    I don't think there is a solution yet, but Palm is aware of the bug.
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    I have the same problem and it's really annoying to have to go to Edit mode in order to read what I have in the Notes. I often put lots of information there for clients etc.

    Hello, Palm?!
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    Has anybody figured out if there is a fix on how to the get rid of the random <br/> html tags that have infested my Contact Notes?
    Or do we have to wait for the next update.....!
    This is really irritating and makes all my notes impossible to read.
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    yeah, I'm experiencing it as well ???
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    Yeah, supper annoying and to the best of my knoclegd,e nothing will be done until next update.

    I've resorted to putting notes in the address box, the symbols do not come up. For those who I have addresses already, I ad as if it was a new address. This works for the time being. Sucks cause I have over 200 contacts with notes, but I have to make it work for now!
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    <<threads merged>>
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    Good idea KingRican....!
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    add me to this list. Same problem here. Kinda sucks we have to decipher our own notes now.
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    How do I get rid of <br/> that shows up between every word in Contact notes?
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    Delete it...
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    Known issue...

    If Dieter you're reading, does this happen on 2.0?
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