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    I may be taking the Pre plunge soon. This would be my first Palm/WebOS device. I have spent some time with the Pre at various stores, but wasn't able to really test the phone features.

    My question is whether or not you can use the on-screen dialing keys once a call is initiated. For example, if you call a conference line and then have to enter a numeric key code --- or if you call a support line and have to navigate through a phone tree -- can you still use the onscreen keypad or do you then have to use the numeric digits on the physical keyboard?

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    You can bring up the dial pad by pressing the dial pad "button" at the bottom of the screen.

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    yes. the dialer application is very good. i have mine programmed with extended digits to log in to conference calls and other tasks that require more than 10 digits.

    The great thing about universal search is how easy it is to find a name by typing two or three characters (J and S will return John Smith) and with one tap I can place the call.

    If I type "conf" it finds it in my contacts, dials my conference bridge, logs me in, and starts the call for me. same with other conference calls I have to attend on a schedule.

    you will really like this phone!
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    yes you can, the default when you begin a call does not show the dialer but their is a button to bring it up. however if you use the dialer alot after intiating a call, there is a patch that makes the dialer come up automatically.
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    my 2 you dont think you have a broken phone like i did

    there is a proximity sensor on the phone and if you hold the phone 'just right' your touchscreen won't respond well and you will get mad and want to throw your phone against the wall.

    it is NOT the phones fault, don't take it out on the Pre - LOL

    if this happens to you, shift your hold on the phone and you'll likely be good to go
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    Thank you all for the quick responses! My only reservation is that I have a feeling that HP/Palm will come out with something shortly after getting the Pre....I guess you can't always wait on unreleased products
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    what are you using now? and on what carrier?

    Always pick your carrier first (IMHO).
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    I had the same concern about Palm releasing something new. I decided to go with a one year contract. Even if HP/Palm releases a new phone this fall, I figure that I'll give them till April (When my contract expires) to iron out all of the bugs inevitable with the release of new hardware and software. I leave day one buying for those souls braver than I. In the meantime, I can enjoy this really great phone right now. The way phones get released these days (especially Android phones), a 2 year contract is just way too long, and upgrading every six months gets to be an expensive proposition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumber View Post
    Thank you all for the quick responses! My only reservation is that I have a feeling that HP/Palm will come out with something shortly after getting the Pre....I guess you can't always wait on unreleased products
    You may be right about HPalm having some new devices soon.

    But the flip side of that is the Pre+ is holding up pretty well. It's got a fair amount of system and media memory, and with the overclocking options available the processor is actually pretty snappy. And, the nice thing about webOS is you can be assured of getting the latest/greatest software as the updates roll out (not always the case on Android).
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    I gotta tell you.. people keep talking about how outdated the Pre is and that it's 'old hardware'... but I love the design of this thing. There simply are no other phones out there like this is the first piece of electronics that I haven't been bored with after a year. HP/Palm will come out with their new line this fall, but I think the 'killer' items will be out next spring now that HP's money is involved. The items coming this fall have been in the works before the HP deal started... so it was probably too late for them to help with design capital. But who knows... I'd love to be wrong!

    Anyhow... OP, you truly can't go wrong either way. Jump in now and grab a Pre or PrePlus and enjoy a fantastic device. Or wait a couple/three more months and see what's coming around the corner from HP/Palm.
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    I think it depends on what you have now (does it meet your needs) and is the next generation likely to come out on your carrier before your contract is up.

    Personally, I agree that the Pre Plus is a great phone and I will have no problem keeping it for 2 or 3 years. I waited 9 months for the Pre to get to Verizon after it first came out on Sprint. It's possible that the next Palm phone will come out soon, but maybe not on Verizon...
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    Palm (after the HP purchase new) has said expect great things ( referring to phones) next year, but no reference this year.
    Prior to the HP news it floated around that Sprint and Palm were waiting for the Pre inventory to deplete before upgrading Sprint to the Pre Plus. It was estimated that this would happen late summer. This, however, was BEFORE the HP buyout.
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    You can get a pre plus through amazon for a penny with a new contract, and for $50 for an upgrade. I got the upgrade and purchased 2 touchstones and a car charger at Radio Shack for about $40 more - due to the battery life issue. I consider that to be a cheap date :-). I'm not seeing any battery life issues any "worse" than the Centro - so far. I had my pre off the charger from 9am - 9:30pm and used it like I normally would have my centro. It did much better (battery wise) than my samsung propel pro with windows mobile on it.

    Yesterday was my first whole day of having the phone, so I spent most of my time with it going through the user manual. The only thing I don't "like" is when I check my missed calls and it starts dialing the number. I don't want to (necessarily) call them back; I just want to know when I missed the call ;-).

    Overall, I really like the phone. I would like a virtual keyboard that installs from the app store, and a FB app that shows pictures, and the ability to move backwards without deleting, but other than those things, I'm really happy with the phone.
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    Thanks again. I'm on a Moto Q9C now with Sprint. I do like Sprint, but I recently moved and my signal strength at the new house is very poor. This is a busienss phone and I've missed lots of calls and had lots of dropped calls - calls I'm leading with customers. So, I'm going to switch to Verizon (my wife's carrier) as their coverage of our neighborhood is much better.

    I don't veiw the Pre Plus as outdated. Compared to my Q it's a vastly superior device. I just don't like the idea of missing out on something newer by only a few months. Then again, that's assuming HP releases something that soon.

    Back to the OP, I'm assuming that I can initiate a call by clicking on a phone number in an email. If so, I often do this on my Q from an Outlook Calendar Appointment. The appointment will have a conference line number and the conference code for that particular call. On the Q I can select the phone number, hit call, and the phone dials the conference number. The problem is that the previous screen has now dissappeared. So, I have to go back into the calendar appointment, view the pass code for the call, go back into phone mode, hope that I've memorized the 9 digit pass code, and then enter it by hand on the keyboard.

    I know some phones now have a much smoother process where you can click on the call number (which dials the number and starts the conference line) and then also allows you to click on the pass code (which dials the numeric code). I've seen a friend do this on an HTC device and it was a very slick two-touch operation -- one touch to dial the conference line number and one touch to dial the pass code.

    Sorry for the detailed quesiton. I'm on a phone ALL THE TIME for work (company paid of course).

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