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    So, I'd like to give a Sprint Pre to my brother, who has a Verizon call plan. I've searched, but can't find anything definitive. Is there a way to make a Sprint Pre work properly (voice and data) on Verizon?
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    No, simply because Verizon would not activate the ESN of a non-branded phone.
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    If you read through the posts you searched the definitive answer is, a small amount of people claim to have done it..... they have no proof and for the most part haven't shared a whole lot of follow up information other than "I did it."

    If you really want to find out, have him call VZW and attempt to activate the Pre, you will then have your definitive answer.
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    It's a crap shoot at best. IF you get a sympathetic CSR from verizon you MIGHT be able to convince them you have a pre plus even though your esn doesn't show in their system. At that point it's their call to add it in and set you up. BUT you would need to doctor your pre with a vzw pre plus file or root your pre and find / change every setting that is specific to the vzw network in order for it to work. I know people that have gotten esn's added with winmo phones, but it's alot easier to regedit a winmo phone than to root and edit manually all that is needed to make it work correctly. I am also unsure if doctoring your pre with a pre plus file would even work. It's almost too much effort given the vzw version of the pre is an upgrade from the sprint version IMHO.
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    I would rather do the reverse (get a Pre Plus activated on Sprint).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    I would rather do the reverse (get a Pre Plus activated on Sprint).
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    all you can do is try. Give em a 20?
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    Well i was able to get a pre plus on sprint. I doctored the phone with the Sprint webOS doctor called a couple times worked my way to advanced tech and he was able to add the ESN and activate it far as proof i posted screen shots

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