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    Hey there....

    My Palm Pre screen accidentally cracked and now I cannot access any files online because I can't put it into USB mode...

    Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?? I mean...the screen is totally picture. I was holding off on using insurance for some time (small crack at bottom of device) because I was hoping for 16gb from Sprint...but now that HP has basically said that's not a priority, I have to get a new phone...but it will take 3 days!!! And I need stuff from it right now....

    any chance one of you wizards has found a way to get inside a pre without having to push the USB Mode button on the screen?? Be much obliged!!
    Thank you all!!

    I'm so upset....I want to cry!! I'm serious... without my Pre, I feel naked and I feel like life's not worth messed up is that, huh? I guess the marketing gods did their (I'm just kidding, though...but I REALLY need some files off of the phone!...otherwise they're gone forever!)

    Thank you again!!

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    Sorry but did you already try Sym+Orange+U?
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    I hope you are ok. Tha'ts the important thing.

    Hopefully your Pre can still power up. Plug it in to your PC and then press orange+sym+U and you will be in USB mode.
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    Tomi and Worker....thank you BOTH sooooo much!! That worked perfectly!!

    Now I can empty my phone.. I'm so ****ed about it.
    Such shoddy workmanship went into the phone. My Treo? Shoot....I could throw that against a brick wall and it would still be working fine!!

    But, the crack at the bottom of the "gesture area" was inevitably going to weaken the rest of the touchscreen features. I was already starting to have issues with the screen just going dark all of a sudden....but I kept praying for that 16gb Sprint phone...

    But all they talk about is freakin' EVO... Please!! I haven't seen ONE PHONE anywhere that does what my Pre can do....or if it doesn't do it better....or easier.
    It's too bad about HP...really.
    I had high hopes....but I think our Pres will be relegated to the Smithsonian at some time in the near future and we'll be stuck having to choose from among all the crappy phones out there.
    I suppose I COULD go Windows 7 phone...since that's NOT Apple...and I'd sooner shoot myself than buy ANYTHING Apple.
    Not because Apple doesn't. It's a fine company. It's the people who use Apple that suck!! It's like they're all far left-wing zealots who think Steve Jobs will cool the planet and create a new energy source!! Lol....Just offense meant../

    Again...thanks for helping me out.. I don't suppose there's a way to just replace the screen temporarily is there?? Heh heh...I can't wait 3 freakin' days for a replacement. At Sprint, it used to be you could walk into the store that same day and pick one up...not any longer... Not since they sold that whole division....*******s!! Heh heh...

    I hate Sprint...but after 10 years, I'm kinda with them out of spite these days! Ya know what I mean?? Lol
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    No, I didn't get any of that.
    Is it past 5 pm where you are or did you have a liquid breakfast?
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    to the OP... have you tried decaf?

    If you still have your Treo, have it activated until your replacement Pre arrives. That's what I do.

    And hang in there. Great new phones are coming soon from the new HP/Palm.

    I am sure if it!
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    I thought I'd already thanked all of you for the help. Your methods worked perfectly!!

    As far as new devices from HP/ ya really think so?? I mean...I really, really want to believe that, but it's hard. I LOOOOOOVE my Pre...and, really, it's the WebOS that I'm in love with....but I need better hardware...and a BIGGER screen!!
    Played with the HTC EVO yesterday and was a tad bit underimpressed. While it's definitely a cool can't do simple things like expand frames so that the print is larger... All I could do was tap twice to make the print "slightly" larger...and even then, only to fill up the screen....not any larger like the iPhone and Pre do it... (I'm talking about the pinching motion to make images/writing larger or smaller...and I didn't see that as an option for the HTC EVO...) Don't know if it's a tech thing and they're not allowed to use that kind of tech...but, for someone with bad eyesight like I having the ability to make the fonts as large as I need them by only expanding them with my fingers, as opposed to having to go through numerous steps to pick a new font..well....that's priceless!! And it SHOULD be par for the course, don't you agree??

    I mean...what's the point of having such a large screen, if it cannot even do that basic maneuver. Let me all know what you think....and if I missed something basic on the HTC Evo... It's for my mom, actually, not me. I'm pretty satisfied with my 8gb Palm Pre from Sprint (although a 16gb Pre Plus look mighty inviting! especially at $49 from Verizon!! Woot Woot!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by couch1970 View Post
    As far as new devices from HP/ ya really think so?? I mean...I really, really want to believe that, but it's hard.
    HP didn't buy Palm just so Palm can continue with webOS updates on current products...
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