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    OK... So I picked up my pre plus from at&t last night and I love WebOS so far. Maybe I am missing a setting but, is there a way to have the emails in the unified inbox color coded or something so I can quickly tell what account they are from?
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    Not that I know of. You can mark each of your inboxes as favorites so they show up in the same folder and you can see how many new messages you have in each account, but I know of no way to distinguish between accounts in the All Inboxes folder.

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    I do what Cas_esq said - have all my inboxes and other folders I get mail in in the "Favorites" category so they are all at the top of the screen and I don't have to scroll past trash, sent, etc. folders. It is easy to handle that way. I wouldn't want all my messages from different accounts in one inbox.
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    This was a feature that I missed most about Chattermail. That and subfolder push.
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    I hear ya on missing subfolder push or at the very least checking subfolders when checking Inboxes at the set interval!!! I've requested checking of subfolders several times from Palm to no avail. I didn't use Chattermail on Palm OS, but used Agendus and had my subfolders set to check with the Inboxes (don't need push on the acc'ts I use subfolders with).

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