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    Hello--I looked at all the apps for Pre and came to the conclusion that the developers have left me in the dust. I want to be able to write notes on my cmputer and then when I am in a meeting refer to them on my phone (Google sucks on this feature)...and I found a really neat app for that..Nutshell works great on Pre and on my desk top... (google to find it..its worth looking at it)

    Now I dont use Outlook personally..I use google personally and that works well to a point..I could not figure out how to do mail merges in Google and I have a huge family and long list of friends who like my I use Time & Chaos...its great..and you can set up email through it..but why mess with what Time & Chaos, Nutshell..Time & Chaos' calendar shows up right along side my work Outlook Calendar...I dont double book myself anymore...

    There is a thread here...apps that just work on the phone are pretty useless for those of us with offices and desktops...and some companies dont allow you to add outside software to your desktop...sooooo....stuff that you can access on the web and sync on the phone are ...well...priceless....

    So I vote for small, fast and useful...that's called a Palm Pre!!!!
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    The link to Nutshell is: Nutshell - Easy to-do list, online notes and a search box on steroids and it is a nice little utility for taking notes and managing To Do lists. Unfortunately the website does not support mobile devices so you must use the full webpage browser.
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