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    is it possible to install an ipk on your phone?
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    Does it still exist and do stuff?
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    it does work with homebrew apps. but how would you install an ipk file on your phone.
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    Last time I used it you could enter a URL somewhere.
    Sorry, too late and too long ago.
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    yea there is a url bar but what url do i put in there. the website where it is? how would it download that specific file?
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    Well the ipk needs to be online right.
    And you enter the link to its online address.
    And filecoaster should take it from there.

    Sound like you're running into a problem you're not being very specific about?
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    Yea, we need more details if you want help. You're being kinda vague here lol
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    ohhh k heres my problem how do i mount it or put it online properly.
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    Well... Where did you get the ipk from?
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    i downloaded it from a forum
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    Oh ok. Is it like a game or something? The more detail you provide, the better chance we can help you.
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    Why don't you just use webos quickinstall?

    Is it an illegal copy because if that's the case Garrett will gladly bite off your head
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    What is the ipk you are installing? (game?)
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    If you have a IPK pile on your PC, you can use WebOSQuickInstall to install the - presumably legitimate - application on your Pre.

    I would recommend against installing any IPK from an untrusted source.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvan22 View Post
    i downloaded it from a forum
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    the thing is that i no longer have usb mode come up on my phone. ive tried to fix it but nothing has happened. i need another method to install ipk files. and its a game from a forum .
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    jvan... what game are you wanting help with?
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    all i wanted to know is how to install ipk files directly on the phone. because of my problem. i no longer have usb mode on my phone. its a battleship game. do you know how to put ipk's online and how to download it using filecoster?
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    Cool... I saw in a post your USB is down... is it the EA Battleship game? (it makes a difference)
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    Still wondering how you got the file without stealing.
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