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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Yeah. But can someone explain to me why WiFi tends to be slower than EVDO? Thats crazy.
    If that's the case for you then it may just be your router.

    Let us know your results (once with your wifi and once with EVDO).

    Mobile Speed test
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    So what would you like to appear on the screen when visiting pages that have not fully loaded?
    Partial render of the data already brought down, when there is enough of that data to do so (see firefox)?
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    The "negative space" checkerboard pattern does not bother me nearly as much as the fact that the canvas slides from side-to-side into negative space (past the edge of the browser page). Why? I cannot think of any reason why the browser (or any other app) would need to scroll so far into negative space (if at all) and bounce back. Yes, if there is content off to the side, allow the user to scroll and reveal that content. But don't go past the edge of the page. For an unzoomed web page (full page width displayed), you should only be able to scroll vertically, and that is only if there is more content than can fit on the page. The earliest versions of webOS did not seem to do this.
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    just something else that is so meaning less for some people to complain about. The checker boxes,come on.
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