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    Just thought to let you know that iDialPlan v0.9 beta now includes an SMSi client (SMS over Internet, texting to any phone). SMSi service providers charge as low as 3-5 cents per SMS text (June '10), also for international messages from abroad. These messages might still cost 50 cents or more with GSM carriers.

    Version 0.9 also improves the wizard to define a GSM dialplan that adjusts contact phone numbers on the fly, for example when calling from abroad or when using an call through service (i.e. calling card) for international calls to abroad.

    Features of iDialPlan SMSi include:
    • Setup of two SMSi Service Providers of choice. The user can define a preferred supplier as long as messages can be send using a single HTML command.
    • Group SMS. Texting an SMS to all numbers of a listing in Contacts.
    • 8 preset texts. One can be used for auto signing. All 8 are user definable.
    • WiFi-only choice. Since SMSi uses a data connection, a WiFi connection would be the preferred one if no 3G data roaming plan (using data abroad) is available.
    • Long message support. Some SMSi providers do not allow messages larger than 160 characters. SMSi splits those messages in 160 character chunks with a continuation mark (x/n).
    • Archiving messages as email. All messages sent, can be archived or send as email.
    • Use of iDP's automatic on the fly number adjustments to form number formats required by SMSi Service Providers. As for GSM iDP based calls, Contact phone numbers are not changed, but adapted on the fly as directed by a user definable dial plan.
    • The lite version remains free but it limits the dial plans in use to one and limits texting to about two SMS texts per day
    • Transmit interface with Pre messaging. If wished, messages prepared to groups for example, can be transferred to the standard Pre messaging app.
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