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    Hello everyone,
    is there any way to modify the registry, I have an unlocked Pre, non of supported carriers are present in my country.
    My problem is sms character limit, it blocks me from writing any further as I reach the 160 character limit.. Cursor just stops there.
    I've read there is a registry hack, but don't know how to apply it...

    It goes like this: HKLM\software\palm\varnish\messaging\sms

    Is it even possible?

    Thank you very much for you trouble
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    This won't actually help you fix your SMS problem, but I thought I would point out that webOS is built on Linux, which does not use a registry. Beyond that, however, my Linux knowledge is very limited. I've been using Windows for too long
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    I was unaware the Pre even had a registry...

    However, 160 characters is the max an SMS message can be (This is a hard limit for multiple reasons but is unison across all phones).

    For most of us the message will continue and simply send in two different SMS'. While this is convenient, you can get the exact same result by sending the message once you've hit that limit, and continuing to type on a second or third message.
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    If you want to hack the registry, you'd have to write a registry system first. Create it as a HomeBrew patch. Be sure to put in your own back door for easy modifications. WebOS will ignore it, but you could design something you could update as often as you like....
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