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    Anybody have this issue? Keeps overheating when i've got Pandora running on my touchstone in my car. I do have the Uberkernal installed, but I've got nothing else running in the background.
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    it happens when I leave the GPS radio on and I'm in my car. I just hold it up to the air conditioner vent for a minute. I have a Garmin mounted to a ProClip, and I'm going to get the extension plate so I can mount the phone next to it - which will put it permanently in front of the vent.

    Also, keep it out of the sun. The greenhouse effect they taught us about in earth science class really makes a difference.
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    Had to throw a jab in there, eh? :-) Yes. I realize the heat from a giant nuclear sphere wil cause the touchstone to get hot..... Just sayin that some days (equal temps and heat) it gets hot way too fast and others (same conditions). it never gives me a problem.
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    Yea I mounted my touchstone in front of a vent for good measure because when I had Pandora + SprintNav running through bluetooth, it would get ridiculously hot. I would also notice that while on the touchstone it'd start losing charge instead of gaining it, and now it charges again. It makes sense though.
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    yea, mine overheats half the time just charging it on the Touchstone, although its usually when I set it on there at less than half battery. If I use the phone on the Touchstone, especially for a data hungry app like Pandora, then it overheats every time. Even in my air conditioned house.
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    The 105 kernel with the latest updates will automatically downclock to 500MHz while on the Touchstone or when you are charging to help with this issue. Unixpsycho kicks *** with the additions and fixes he keeps coming up with!
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    I've noticed it really helps if I leave the slider open while on the touchstone in the car.
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    Leaving the slider open helps, plus using Govnah to manually set the speed to 500mhz while on the touchstone and running Pandora should help too.
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    my phone overheats often on the TS in the car. I was using google maps for a while the other day and didn't pay attention to the temp. It shut down! I've mounted the TS in front of a vent and all is good now.

    even if you are using the AC, if the TS is mounted on the dash and gets sunlight, it will heat up. Mounting it right by the vent or in front helps a lot.

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