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    up till midnite. I think I might. I love updates
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    I thought one of the sprint employees that stated about it coming out, said that it was going to be in the evening. Maybe I am wrong though....Might be a long night...
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    ummm i think it was stated it would come out july 7th in the PM. but i also will hit the update button a little after midnight
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    I'm trying to remember the last time I went to bed before midnight..........

    I don't think I can.
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    Will be up but not because of any update. Me gots to work.
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    Actually not in a rush for this one. I'll let you all get it and see if the speed/battery enhancments are worth it before i jump into it. I am not looking forward to deleing kernals and patches and all that jazz right away lol.
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    I'm actually quite happy with my phone now and the update does not really have anything I'm interested in. I'm looking forward to it just so that I can get it over with.
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    @stir fry, if you don't update you will not be able to install any PDK apps that will come (old ones will work), you prbably will not even see them in your catalog
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    I am hoping it's pushed sooner than later too, hopefully their target of 7/7 is at 12:15am
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    up till midnite. I think I might. I love updates
    So will that be UTC-12?
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