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    I bought my Palm Pre a few days ago with some disappointment. There was certain apps that sucked not having BUT ...then I came to visit these boards and was WOW'd away.

    You got dedicated community members with guides, homebrew apps (I got everything I desired today) and friendly people.

    I was honestly expecting a simple forum board with technical sections and nothing else.

    VERY impressive! Keep it up, people ^___^ big thanks to all the people who spent their free time perfecting the guides and app's. I'm now very proud of my Palm Pre!
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    Welcome aboard.
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    totally agree with you. There are many good people here at pre central
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    best community ever, and homebrewers rock!
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    Agreed. Precentral is full of so many helpful people!
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    Welcome and I agree - this is a great community of Palm users
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    Agreed, we are amongst some great people...Welcome H/Poard
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    I love you guys. T_T
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    kumbya.... Lol seriously though, not only does homebrew rock, but this is THE BEST ONLINE COMMUNITY BOARD PERIOD.
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    It's rare you find a community where sharing one's most valuable asset (time) is so freely given - and usually without asking for anything in return, other than an occasional donation request. And the uber-posters don't even request donations, they just want you to click the "Thanks" button.

    I've been able to sell 6 Pre's to people who were in the market for a new phone, and I attribute most of that to the info I gather from the people on these boards.

    In reality, this is what Apple used to be before the iPod. You know back when Mac users were laughed-at by the IBM-ers. But ever since the iPod/iPhone/iPad has taken over mobile computing, Apple has become snootier. Now Apple users look down their collective noses at anyone not willing to bow to the corporate fruit.

    I preferred Apple back when they were the underdog. They could put out decent products and malicious hackers didn't pay any attention to us. Now the story out today about hackers attacking the iTunes store just makes me wince.

    I know the point of H/P buying Palm was to grow their business, but I like the smaller community feel. We can do things to our phones and no one pays too much attention to us. We just go about our daily lives using the great webOS.

    I would like new hardware, but I'm pretty gentle on my phone so it will last me a while. What I never want to lose is the P|C community.
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    PreCentral was my idea.

    You Are Welcome!

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