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    Minimum 12 times. Like Christmas--always waiting for a new present (story) or update or the next great web os device on the horizon. It's never fact until it appears on PreCentral!
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    I'd like to exercise my 5th amendment rights...
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    This thread made me give some thought to it. Conclusion - I have a problem! It's not so much the number of times it's hours involved.
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    I check several times a day. I check more if there is a thread on the forums that I am following.
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    Well, I'm glad it's not only me. Although I will only admit that on this site.
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    I'm on here all day (while I'm at work) and check it from my phone while I'm at home.....I know, it's pretty sad. To make it worse, I started coming here before I even had the phone! (last July or something)
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    Ok ok you got me! I check it ONCE a day! How is that? Because I always have it on!! HELP ME!!!! :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro1 View Post
    like 5 times a day, and ever since the HP aquisition was finalized now 10 times a day. please give me my life back and announce a new device already.
    I hate to break it to you but if HP/Palm announces a new device your time on here will increase by at least 10 fold. At first you'll be on constantly just to get every juicy minute detail about the new device, then you'll be on just itching to get info about a release date (PAAAAALLLLLMMMMMM!!!!! Remember those YouTube vids?). You'll be itching with anticipation ready to rip all your clothes off and run down the street naked for even so much as a rumor. Finally you'll get your new device and be on constantly to share, learn and join the fun of new device owners.

    -- How do I know all this? The cycle of Palm Addiction (P.A.), sadly, has captured me as well.

    PAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! You dirty info-hoarding company! Why must you torture us???

    ((Flurry alarm sounding on my Pre in the background))

    ....Damn! there goes my alarm for my meds...
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    Geez - Pre doesnt leave my side very often at all. I check back to PreCentral, and Preware more than I use any other function or app on the phone, including the phone!!

    My name is TeeJay and I am a WebOS addict.
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    HI, I drop into the site at least a dozen times every day! Take care, Jay
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    It's open everyday, every minute at my work computer. Even while i'm working, i'll just hit the PC window to get my fix.
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    RSS in button with notification on and I pop over everytime I catchup on Engadget, 4-5 times a day.
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    I think I might have worse than you all. Last week while I was on vacation in Miami and at the beach I was checking the forums on my phone. I was so engrossed that a gorgeous girl in a tiny bikini walked past me. The only reason I noticed was that she walked past me so close I could smell whatever lovely perfume she was wearing. Only then did I lift my head to take notice. No single guy should be that engrossed with a phone and a website. I need help. I fear this addiction will only get worse (new phone announcement :-) before it gets better.
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    this is my new home page ) i live by this site
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    i spend 8 hours at work each day, and all 8 hours of it PC has its own tab open..... Yeah i don't really do anything here
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