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    I know that you aren't supposed to use the centro battery and have read all the warnings regarding this (but I keep finding myself stranded without a phone when my pre dies and I can't get to a charger... and my pre has so many issues at this point I'm just holding out to find out when the next palm phone is coming to know whether I should get another pre, wait for the C40?, or get something else.) Anyway, this may be a stupid question, but I read some posts about the centro battery being backwards from the pre. This has left me confused as to whether I should use the Centro battery palm side up or down in the pre. Also, I got one of those cheap battery chargers from hong kong to charge the centro battery and it says in the directions to make sure to match the positive and negative terminals, but nothing is labeled on the battery or the charger. Does anybody know if that is supposed to go palm side up or down also? It is a universal battery charger with USB output and i believe the brand is Yiboyuan. Thank you.
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    The Centro battery works just fine. It might be a little loose which can be solved by wedging it with some folded post-it notes.

    It will only fit in the phone one way, with the plastic tabs down, and pointing to the side with the metal contacts...

    If you force it in any other way, you will probably break something... It should be the same orientation as it is when you put it in your Centro.
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    It seems to fit both ways, palm logo facing me and also facing into the phone. I never had a Centro so I am not sure how it would go although I would assume it would have the Palm logo facing out. I figured that would be the way it was designed, but I heard that the Centro and the Pre have their terminals reversed and it seems to fit a little nicer with the Palm logo down.
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    the plastic tabs should be facing down. Hit the palm eb site and find a pictire in the user guide.
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    I use the centro battery all the time, just put it in with the Palm holographic logo facing outside. Jus be careful not to put it in at an angle, it will get stiuck...
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    he doesn't have a holograph or a label. It's an aftermarket thing without markings.

    he needs to set it next to his Pre battery and orient the tabs the same way...

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