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    Weird thing happened today... I seem to have lost my bookmarks. Yesterday I downgraded from F105 Kernal in preparation for the update.. But I don't think that caused it...

    Anyone else have this issue today?
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    I have this SAME problem. I Believe it happened last night July 8th or early this morning July 9th. I've removed all patches, kernels, and themes. Ran "Emergency File Verification" then Ran Jason's Repair utility....and nothing. I'm gonna keep looking around and see if I find anything.

    The only thing that I think I have done differently is that I installed "Save/Restore" and backed up some files. Other than that, I dunno. I did run out of batteries late yesterday...doubt that caused it.

    Let me know if you find a fix, please.
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    this happened to me today. Any help? i wonder what caused it.
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    Has happened to other folks. See this thread:

    (and a few other threads as well).
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