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    I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but I couldn't remember if it was or not. I got a new phone and my friend would like to use my old Pre from Sprint on Verizon. If he took it to Verizon would they activate it for him or is this not possible. Thanks for your help.

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    Technically speaking I am pretty sure it is possible I mean the Antonov An-225 can fly.
    The ESN is what tells the carrier who's phone it is, Sprint or Verizon etc. I highly doubt they would activate another carriers device on their network.
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    Probably not, seeing as the Pre from Sprint will obviously be locked to Sprint.
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    i think that some carriers will give you a device unlock code when you ask them for it. Sprint might give it to you and then it would be usuable on verizon. you can always ask
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    i thought i heard something a while back about sprint, and verizon. willing to give unlock codes or allowing you to activiate a phone from another carrier. like an actual official announcement, cannot find a link or the info though.

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