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    OOOOOOOOOOK I do not know what the issue is and its been happening this morning a lot ..

    I saw that the facebook chat spoof needed updating .. So I did it .. now my phone repeatedly is going "offline" no phone and no internet - I have removed the new facebook chat spoof patch and the phone still keeps going on and offline - as well as I can no longer log into my yahoo accounts ..

    Any idea what could have happened and how do i fix???????

    apologies I forgot to say - Im on sprint
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    this happened to me yesterday and I fixed it by removing the battery for about an hr after several reboots. For some reason though, I lost all my contacts, messages, memos, call log and was only able to restore my contacts.
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    try doing a prl and a Network update
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    A simple battery pull should fix this. I've had this before after doing modifications, and a battery pull made it normal.

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