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    I also have the same problem having left my phone in the sun by mistake over the weekend for about 30 minutes.

    at first I thought the screen itself was cracked, but upon closer inspection it was thin hairline cracks all over the film covering the screen. Sprint is mailing a replacement at no charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mranieri View Post
    Heat might be the cause as one day at the beach my wife had it in her bag and when I pulled it out it was ALOt worse. Perhaps humidity got it started and it just took off from there.

    Excessive heat is most definitely the cause of that.. I remember some launch day photos of it happening to someone that had his Pre at the beach one day... Well, guess what -- today I had my Pre down at the pool in the 100 degree heat here in NY, and while its time in direct sun was limited (the rest of the time it was in a case, which was in a bag), it was enough to cause some damage today. Picture attached.

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    Haven't had any issues like that here, then again it seems like I have to trade my phone in every couple months due to some hardware failure :-(
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    July 09 Pre and no problems (knock on wood).
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