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    This is kind of a weird question, but please bare with me. I like the way my pre is currently running - I have lots of apps on it, some homebrew, some that aren't available on my provider but I have anyways (like mobile hotspot <3). However, I am wondering just how badly one can mess up their phone and then get it back.

    Off hand, one way I think that it might be possible to brick is to completely remove everything. I am talking about using a terminal with root on your phone and typing (I AM NOT ADVISING ANYONE TO TRY THIS):

    rm -rf /
    As root, this command goes through every file on the entire device and deletes it, and doesn't even try to differentiate between files necessary to run the OS. Basically I'm asking - how much can you play with this device while still having the ability to yourself bring it back to an operational status, via a WebOS doctor?
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    As far as I am aware, it is nearly impossible to "brick" the phone via software alone. Even in the case you mentioned, the WebOS Doctor would restore all the files you deleted. I am sure that someone could find a way to make the device completely non-functional via software alone, but I think it would take some serious work.

    Hardware, on the other hand, can always be made to fail. haha
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