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    Hey there,
    I think global (=out of any software/menu) shortcuts for certain actions (enable/disable WLAN, Data usage, Flashlight, whatever..) would be PERFECT to enhance the usability of the Pre.
    As WebOS is nothing else than a Linux it should be easy to include... but I don't have the technical knowledge.

    Couldn't it be done by a patch?
    They even could be customizable to create and change them depending on your needs...

    this would be a dream!

    btw: This is a feature I'd request through a idea torrent if there were any:
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    There are patches to put all of those options into the top bar menu (i.e the one that appears when you tap on the battery icon).

    That menu is independent of the application running.
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    I know them and I use them.

    But a global shortcut would make it even easier than making three clicks on the touchscreen to disable data usage...
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    there is a patch that does exactly what you are descrbing

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