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    Are there any applications like this one for WebOS? For example Mobile Defense is a good application for Android, Iphone, BlackBerry.
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    There is a game called Defensive Warfare. It is pretty fun, I still like Mobile Defense on Android better, but it's fun in a bit different way still.
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    Actually I was referring to free GPS tracking applications in case your phone is stolen.
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    well, its not free but I really liked "where is my pre" - i will say that i didnt pay for it, and of course just weeks after the free trial (and for the 1st time in 12 yrs of owning a cell phone) I left my phone on the hood of my car and drove away ... never to see my beloved pre and its new 60.00 extended battery - I wish I would have paid the measly 12.00 a yr for it lol
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