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    Does anybody here know or has experienced, According to what the activation is determine? by the geographic location of the phone or by the sim card type.

    More specific, I have an O2 unlocked Palm Pre from Germany. If I'll activate in first time in a country which doesn't support the app catalog, but I'll do it with an O2 sim card inside. Will it be enough in order to access the app catalog?

    Thank you all.
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    No it won't. Location of first activation seems to be the primary determinant.
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    It was asked before your answer.

    Anyway, like I told, I'll update you all about getting at least non paid apps,
    after re-activate using webos doctor i official country.

    Good week.
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    You are already locked in. I'm betting no change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    He should be able to at least get free apps.
    A Full Erase and new profile creation using default language settings for the device seems to do the trick in some cases.
    I did it with 1.4, But doesnt metter. There is zero app in App Catalog

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